Construction Loan
This type of loan is available for people who are looking to buy land and build their own home or investment property on it.  It is a fully featured loan, with no ongoing monthly or annual fees. During the construction process, the monthly repayment is Interest Only, reverting to Principal and Interest repayments when the property in completed. As this loan is drawn down in stages during the construction process, your monthly repayments will gradually increase until the construction process is finished. Once the construction has been completed, the Construction Loan reverts to a standard variable rate product and you will also enjoy having a free 100% redraw facility.

Lo Doc Home Loans
This type of loan is available for self-employed people or contractors, and can be used to purchase your own home or a residential property for investment purposes. This is a self certified loan for people who have been in business for at least two years but do not have the documentation to show the financial position at the time of the Application. You may elect to have a separate Line of Credit facility attached. You can also choose to either pay for the Lender’s Mortgage Insurance premium yourself (higher lending amount and lower interest rate), or opt not to pay it (lower lending amount). Please note that this loan is not available for residents that are living in rural areas or in a high density apartment.

Land Loan
As the name suggests, this type of loan is available for those who are looking to purchase a vacant block of land with a view to build their own home or investment property. It is a fully featured loan, with no ongoing monthly or annual fees, as well as a free redraw facility.

Commercial Loans
Like home loans, all business and commercial development loans are different, especially between new purchases or refinance. For a purchase, you will possibly need some initial financial backing. Then there are the ongoing credit facilities that are often integral to sustaining and growing a business. For a refinance, we will look at ways to better your rate and use your properties and loans more efficiently.  Please contact one of our Lending Managers to assist you with your enquiry, to package and submit it to the lender that best suits you.