Lo Doc Home Loans

Variable SmartDoc loans, which are available for residential properties only, do not require the clients to provide supporting evidence of income. SmartDoc suits self- employed and in some cases, PAYG borrowers.


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Lending Range and LVR

  • Up to 80% LVR
  • Minimum loan amount $10,000
  • Maximum varies according to Lenders Mortgage Insurance provider, Loan Value Ratio, employment status and security location

SmartDoc loan offers:

  • 100% offset
  • Free electronic redraw ( minimum $500 )
  • Choice of repayment frequency
  • LVRs up to 80% (subject to LMI), plus capitalised LMI
  • Variable and fixed rates available

Variable SmartDoc Plus loan do not require the clients to provide supporting evidence of income and do not require LMI to be taken out for higher LVR. SmartDoc Plus suits self employed and in some cases, PAYG applicants and customers refinancing from other lenders.

SmartDoc Plus loan offers:

  • 100% offset
  • LVRs between 60% and 70% without LMI
  • Available for purchase and refinance purpose
  • Unlimited additional repayment without penalty
  • Free electronic redraw (minimum $500)
  • Choice of repayment frequency
  • Competitive variable rate

Repayment Options

Term of Loan

  • Up to 30 years

Ongoing Fees and Charges

  • $10 Payable monthly for the ongoing maintenance of your loan

Fees and Charges to Set Up the Loan

  • $795 Application fee Payable to the Bank to assess. – Process and prepare the loan documentation necessary to enable the home loan to settle.
  • $100 Settlement fee – Payable to the Bank to settle the loan.
  • $15 Funds disbursement fee
  • $325 Discharge administration fee

All conditions are subject to change.

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